live your dream


Design Strategy & Implementation

If you can dream it, I can help you create it.

Infuse your living and/or working space with more meaning, while still retaining function and practicality.

Express your essence truthfully and feel like you’re at home and in your element … every time you walk through the door.

You’re looking for a design partner who can think outside of the box.

Because a room is never just a room. It’s where you laugh, cry, play, connect and discover yourself again and again.

how it’s done...

Every person I work with is unique, and there is no cookie cutter template that’s one size fits all. At my initial site visit with you, we’ll begin to sift through your needs and desires for your dream space.

Then we will be able to determine your personal style statement. Knowing how you want to feel in your home or work is the first step in our work together.

Design Strategy & Implementation

After your style statement has been created, now we can design our implementation strategy.

Includes: space design, re-purposing, reconditioning, organization, and new product purchasing.

Depending on your needs, I can work with your contractors or I am able to project manage for you, which includes architectural plan reviews and construction management.

Time to Celebrate

At your design project completion we’ll come together to celebrate your new space. Remembering the gift of presence that you’ve invited into your home or business, as a renewed space for you to relax and recharge, so you can live more intentionally and playfully!