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Modern Farmhouse #2

modern farmhouse #2

ON THIS PROJECT, I COLLABORATED WITH MY PARTNER, JOSH DEITCH, OUR ARCHITECT, BUILDER AND A VERY AWESOME HOMEOWNER TO CREATE THE DESIGN OF THIS HOME. FURNISHINGS AND LIGHTING CHOSEN BY THE HOMEOWNER AND HER INTERIOR DESIGNER. the space has great flow, and yet maintains a sense of deliberate areas for intentional living. we love the stair tower as it was a logistic solution to make the interior wider (the lot was narrow with lots of set-backs) by using that front area for the stairwell. squeezing in the bike room with its exterior access (it looks like a garage but is a small room tucked under the stairwell) created a beautiful facade that broke up the otherwise long vertical lines in the front and could have reduced the curb appeal. talk ablut coming full circle, i recently had the pleasure of sitting on the front swing to pass out halloween candy.